10 Tips to get the most out of Pokermind


1- Create your own Warmup!

The warmup available when you open the app for the first time, “Pokermind Warmup”, is just a template to showcase what a Warmup can have. Create a copy so you don’t start from scratch and fill it in with your own content, because…:

  • Your own content will resonate with you more and will “click” in your head. And that’s what a Warmup is, something yours, that moves you and with the power to change your state.
  • You are the one that know what motivates you to play! Think it over, write it down, make it very personal, even emotional.
  • The default presentation has 13 slides under section “2.1.Mental game”. Too many! These slides were created to give you ideas, but studying 13 different subjects at the same time is not efficient. It’s better to start with a few slides of content, and modify/change them over time
  • You can upload your own hand ranges or hand histories under section “2.2.Technical Game” and other technical game topics you are studying. Same reasoning as above, it’s better to start small, and once that content is learned, move on to other topics.
  • Disable the sections you don’t like.
  • Create your own Inspiration at the end of the warm up! You can add text and/or video and/or a picture. Upload something personal, that motivates you and moves you, and change it as soon as it becomes routine.

2- Change your presentations frequently.

One of the challenges we face is to not bore you. A Warmup is only useful if it’s done correctly. If you do it quickly and without engagement, just because you think you should do it, won’t be useful. If there isn’t a real reflection and a commitment with this routine, it will not help you.

And we are thinking ways to introduce some randomness inside the Warmup to keep you awake but it’s very important that the contents inside your Warmups change and evolve.

On one hand because, with time and repetition, you will internalize this content and you will need to change it to keep learning, and on the other hand because repeating the same thing over and over again has diminishing returns.

As with playing poker, to execute an activity in an optimal manner, your level of energy and the level of challenge that activity entails, have to be inside reasonable levels, not too high, not too low. And if the warmup becomes a boring routine…it won’t be enough of a challenge to you.


3- Make a commitment with yourself!

Going to the gym once a month…it’s not that useful. Going to the gym once a week…better than nothing. But if you want to see real changes, you have to go regularly, no excuses, period.

Pokermind, like going to the gym, requires constancy and a commitment with yourself. Each warmup/cooldown has a negligible increase in your game level and learning, but that increment accumulates over time and it makes all the difference in the world (compounding effect).

If you really believe in performance routines and that Pokermind will help you better yourself and your game, all-in. If you don’t, you don’t even have to start until you are ready to commit.


4- Create a longer warmup and a shorter warmup.

If you play a lot of sessions each day, a way to save some time is to complete a longer warmup in the first day’s session, and complete the short one in the following sessions. You are still warming up, but more efficiently.


5- Take advantage of the anchoring effect (NLP).

“You do this by anchoring states of mind so you can fire the anchor and establish the state instantly. ”

When your body and mind start to associate a warmup with a certain state, in this case, “the zone” or “A-game mindset”, the routine will reinforce itself and the only act of starting it, will induce the desired state.

That’s why a lot of professional athletes have strict routines before each game or competition.

Again, constancy is key in getting the most out of Pokermind.



6- Create your own Cooldown

  • Modify the answers under section “1.Self reflection”. While you are doing the cooldown you can add new ansers, but when you edit the cooldown you can change any predefined answer as well.
  • Change the questions under section “2.Performance”. You can also create new questions to track other statistics that can affect your game. What do you want to track?


7- Use the journaling tool in the last cooldown’s screen.

I could write an entire book talking about the benefits of writing. My recommendation is: do it. Writing at the end of the session is the best way to get rid of unprocessed emotions and thoughts inside you, to eliminate frustration, to gain perspective, to discover what’s inside of you, to learn for tomorrow, to keep improving, to keep your sight on your objectives or simply to sum up everything that happened in today’s session. Try it! With repetition, you will get better at it.


8- Ask for help!

If you have any questions, doubts, feedback, criticism…write us! You can find tutorials inside Pokermind, a huge FAQ in the website, a contact form and even a forum in the user’s zone. Or you can contact us at pokermindapp@gmail.com, and Twitter and Facebook.


9- Invite your friends.

They will be grateful 😀
And if they upgrade to a Premium subscription, you will win free months.

10- Upgrade to Pokermind Premium.

No, really! If you like what you see, it’s a way to support us.

I guarantee you Pokermind will help you play A-game more often and for longer. It’s an investment for your game and your happiness.

And we will keep improving to product so you can not resist it. 😉


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