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Come on, help me. Answer these questions.


How many times do you make mistakes you know you wouldn’t if you were playing at your best level?

How many sessions have you started unfocused and just not ready?

How many times you told yourself “I’ll play until I recover what I just lost”?

How many hours have you played on autopilot?

How much do you think you have lost because of tilt?

And what’s even worse…

How many times have you hated poker?

How many times you get angry playing?

How many times you feel dissatisfied and worried?

How many plans have you cancelled because you were on a downswing?

And I tell, you, what are you waiting for?


Think about the cost that staying the same has, that making the same mistakes has. It’s a big economic but also emotional cost and they accumulate over time.

There is another way

That is why we created Pokermind. To help you become a better professional poker player.

Because there are things that you can’t control.

And they will turn you crazy if you focus on them. They will throw you around like a puppet.

Like results, or other’s opinions, even your own ego.

But there are lots of things you can control, more than you think.

Things that you are not taking care of if you only focus on the things you can’t control

  • Your preparation.
  • Your constancy.
  • Your effort.
  • Your discipline.
  • Your attitude.
  • Your performance, no matter what happens, even in the worst moments.

These things will give you everything that you want. Your poker goals, your life goals, your happiness, your personal satisfaction, a stable self-confidence, a stable motivation…

These things are the key to success and are the solution to the previous problems we were talking about.

Everything you do has an impact on your performance. The true professional is a professional 24h. Every decision counts.

What helps you win more money?
Feeling well or feeling bad?

What helps you feel well?
Eating healthy or fast food?

Ergo, eating greens earns you money.
Sleeping well, makes you money.
Being happy makes you money.

And, what helps you feel and play better?

Preparing before the session, or not?
Reviewing your session, or not?
Studying your mental game, or not?

If your opponents are doing these things, and you’re not, they are starting ahead. But this is also good news, not a lot of them do, so by doing them, you can win a big advantage on the tables.

And here is where Pokermind helps you.

Pokermind is designed for:

  • Those that want to bring poker to the next level.
  • Those that want to become true professional poker players.
  • Those that want to focus on playing well and starting each session at 100%.
  • Those that want to be a little bit better every day.

Furthermore, it’s not just what’s more profitable for you (and by a huge margin), but because it will make you feel so much better in the process and help you be more satisfied with poker and yourself.

With the Pokermind Warmup you will prepare before each session, first by being aware of your initial state and by creating separation with your regular life. It also helps you focus on the task at hand, playing poker.

Following, you will remember why you are here, grinding, so you never lose perspective and remember what truly matters. You will also set objectives for the session (specific tasks and time objectives).

You will review the most important leaks in your mental and technical game, you will inspire yourself just before starting the session to win energy and you will visualize your A-game to enter “the zone” from the first minute.

After the session, with the Cooldown, you will review everything that went wrong and that went well, with powerful questions to unmask the truth of your game an tilt. You will track external variables that could have affected your session and you will review the objectives you set in the Warmup.

You will finish the session writing your own poker journal, so you can unlock stuck emotions and empty your head from poker related thoughts, and go back to your life fresh.

With Pokermind, you also have available mental game statistics, generated from the data collected in your Warmups and Cooldowns. With these new statistics, exclusive to Pokermind, you will be able to learn more about yourself and your patterns and optimize your learning and routines.

I am 100% sure that using Pokermind regularly will have a positive impact in your poker and your life. I guarantee it.

And it only takes a few extra minutes every day.

You can try it for free for 14 days!

Register to Pokermind and start acting like a real professional.

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