10 Reasons why you should Warm up (before every single session)

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In this article I will convince you of the fact that you have to (want to) warm up.

The type of player that you want to become warms up religiously because he/she knows that it’s the only way to reduce the variance of the quality of his/her game.

Warm up and you will play better consistently. Easy.

Let’s see the 10 reasons why you should warm up every time, even if you don’t feel like it.


1. Reciprocality

Between different poker players money flows.

Everything you do differently than your opponents, inside and outside the tables, will create a flow of money. You have the power to decide in which direction.

Between two equally skilled players, if one warms up and the other doesn’t, who will have a better winrate?

Can you imagine a professional athlete who doesn’t warm up before competitions?

We compete every day, and that is why it’s even more important for us.


2. Gain discipline and confidence

Sticking to a routine that you know it’s good for you is a training in itself for your discipline.

How do you feel when you don’t do what you know you should do? Personally, I feel pretty bad.

Furthermore, your confidence as a player should be based on the things you can control.

Studying, warming up, taking care of yourself and your performance, improving your tilt, controlling your emotional state, playing well consistently…if you do all of these things you will feel satisfied with what you do and with who you are.

Then, your confidence will be unbreakable because it will depend exclusively on you.


3. Anchoring

When a routine, like the warm up, becomes a habit, the action of starting the habit will already generate a positive effect because your mind will associate the warm up with “performing at a high level”.

And this effect will get stronger the more you repeat the habit.

You can see lots of athletes with pregame rituals. Now you know why.

The warm up is your perfect pre-session ritual.


4. Start the session at 100%

If you don’t warm up, the quality of your decisions will vary a lot, especially at the beginning of the session.

One day good, another one bad, and you won’t even know why. You will start a lot of sessions out of your game, something that can cost you a lot of money and make you vulnerable to tilt.

It also creates a snowball effect and if you start the session playing bad and making mistakes, it will probably go downhill from there.

Warming up will help you start at your best level and prevent all of that.

It’s the best tilt prevention strategy.


5. Change your state

Every day is different and your mental/physical/emotional states vary. You don’t know how you are feeling today unless you sit down and ask yourself.

The first step in your warm up routine should be becoming aware of your initial state and evaluate if it’s good enough to play poker. If it’s not, warming up will help you improve it.


6. Consistent game quality

We want to play well as much as possible.

How can we make our performance predictable?

By having a priming routine, aka, a warm up.

You will be able to perform at will, and the quality of your game will be more consistent.

A more consistent game = higher winrate and less suffering.


7. Compartmentalize your life

We don’t want our life to affect our sessions.

Lots of things can happen outside the tables that will affect us or worry us.

We can’t perform at a high level with other things in our minds.

The warm up will create a space of separation between your daily life and your session and give us a chance to set aside what’s not important for the session and focus on playing well.


8. Play more

The three main causes of low volume are:

  1. Not feeling like playing/not feeling motivated: of course! We all struggle with this. Poker is tough and grinding can get boring. But if you play only when you feel motivated, you will never play enough.Don’t use motivation as an excuse, you don’t need it to grind and play well.Do the warm up, and if you still feel bad at the end, don’t play, but usually you will realize that it was just avoidance.
  2. Closing the session because of tilt: if you are playing bad and feel you can’t bounce back to your best game, it’s a smart move to close.But if you use it also as an excuse to close the session every time it gets rough, you will also never play enough.Nobody said poker was going to be easy.Warm up! You will play better, prevent tilt, improve your focus, and you will close less sessions because of your tilt.
  3. Not having objectives: if you don’t have any objectives, why are you going to play at all? You don’t have anything to shoot for.Of course procrastination will win the battle then.Do the warm up, remember your personal motivations and goals, set objectives for this session and you will have LOTS of reasons to sit down and give your best every day.


9. Reach your objectives

The only proven way to reach your objectives is:

  1. Having objectives in the first place.
  2. Writing them down.
  3. Remembering them every day.
  4. Taking action.
  5. Reviewing your progress every day.

Make points 1-3 part of your warm up. You don’t need to make it more complicated than that.


10. Focus on what matters

There’s things you can control, and things you can’t.

Focus on the latter and you will go crazy.

To play well consistently we have to focus on the things we can control, the things that matter.

A good warm up helps you gain perspective and helps you focus on what truly matters.

Focus on the type of player who you want to be and remember it every day during your warm up.

Thank me later 😉


Bonus point: $$$

Do you think these reasons can make you win more money or not?

If yes, what are you waiting for?

There’s a lot of things that can make or break your warm up.

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