10 Reasons why you should Warm up (before every single session)


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1- Reciprocality
Between different poker players money flows. Everything you do differently than your opponents, in and outside the tables, will make money to move between you. You have the power to decide in which direction.
Between two equal skilled players, if one warm ups and the other doesn’t, who will have a better winrate? Can you imagine a professional athlete that doesn’t warm up before a competition?
2- Gain discipline and confidence
Sticking to a routine that you know it’s good for you is a training in itself for your discipline.
How do you feel when you don’t do what you know you should do? Personally, I feel pretty bad.
Furthermore, your confidence as a player has to be tied to things you can control, otherwise you will be lost. Studying, evolving, preparing, taking care of yourself and your performance, improving your tilt, controlling your emotional state, playing well consistently…if you do all of these things you will be proud of yourself and feel realized.
Then, your confidence will be unbreakable and you won’t be an emotional roller-coaster.
3- Anchoring
When a routine becomes a habit, the same action of starting the habit generates positive effects in you because your mind has associated that task with the mental and emotional state they induce.
If you warm up before a session, and it helps you feel at your best level, just starting the warm up will create that state.
And this effect will get stronger over repetitions of the habit.
4- Start the session at 100%
If you don’t warm up your game quality will be random, one day good, another one bad, and you won’t even know why. You will start a lot of sessions out of your game, something that can cost you a lot of money and make you vulnerable to tilt. Also, it can carry throughout the session. You start playing bad, you finish the session even worse.
Warming up will help you start at your best level, leaving no room for stupid mistakes that can snowball into a terrible session. Additionally, you will make sure to be in the best state possible to control tilt and difficult situations.
5- Change your state
Every day is different and your mental/physical/emotional states vary. You don’t know how you are today unless you sit down and ask yourself.
The first step in your warm up routine should be taking consciousness of your initial state and evaluate if it’s good enough to play poker. If it’s not, warming up will help you this state.
This way, you will avoid playing in your worst days and/or you will have a chance to change it.
6- Consistent game quality
If you implement the warm up to your daily routine, the quality of your game will be much more consistent. You will standardize your way of preparing yourself and you will avoid a lot of randomness in your game from one day to another.
7- Compartmentalize
With the warm up you will create space between your regular life and the poker session, so your daily stuff doesn’t affect your game.
8- Play more
The three main causes of low volume are:
  • Not feeling like playing: of course! Poker is tough and grinding can get boring but most of the time is just an excuse. Do the warm up, and if you still feel bad at the end, don’t play, but usually you will realize that it was avoidance.
  • Closing the session because of tilt: if you are playing bad, it’s a smart move to close. But if you get ready correctly you will lower the time you spend playing bad and you will strengthen against tilt because you will be in a better mental state. This way, decreasing the amount of sessions you close because of tilt.
  • Not having objectives: if you don’t have any objectives you will be more vulnerable to your excuses and you will find a thousand reasons to quit or not start at all. Read the next point.


9- Reach your objectives
The only proven way to reach your objectives is: setting them up, writing them down and remembering them every single day.
The problem is not setting them, the problem is taking action consistently to get there.
Make it a part of your warm up to review your goals and you will feel more motivated and you will increase the chances of achieving them.
10- Focus on what matters
A good warm up makes you gain perspective and helps you focus on what truly matters.
Poker is very tricky, it deceives you, it moves you up and down. It’s very easy to get lost.
It’s a must to remember every day your “Why”, why do you play poker, why have you chosen this path. Remember your reasons and the importance they have to you.
It will make you feel super motivated and it’s a great antidote against tilt.
There is no bad beat in the world that can change the fact that you have the privilege to be a professional.
Bonus point: $$$
Do you think these reasons can make you win more money or not?
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