Update Pokermind 11/08/18

By 11/08/2018November 5th, 2019Updates

These are the changes implemented today and the last few days.

It is not needed to reinstall de program again.

  • Added notifications bar inside the application.
  • Added live chat inside the application.
  • Added the FAQ inside the live chat.
  • Website FAQ extended.
  • Visualization: now you can select between a short or a long Visualization inside the “Edit Warmup” screen.
  • 2.Areas for improvement: now you can show/hide each screen inside this section.
  • The menu now is fixed, does not scroll down.
  • Bug fix: fixed a miscommunication between the website and the payment gateway.
  • Improvements in the website.
  • Bug fix: fixed redirection errors and broken links.


Working on:

  • Timer: at the moment, the timer and the main screen share the focus and are maximized/minimized at the same time. This is a bug of the framework Electron.js. Waiting for a solution by their side.
  • A new predefined template will be added: a warmup of a shorter duration.
  • More features for the timer:
    • Alarm when the session objective is reached
    • Pop-up messages that appear at random times during the session.
  • Reconstruction of the Session Goals screen.
    • Divided in two
      • Time objectives
        • Monthly goal, daily goal, session goal
        • Track your monthly goal
      • Specific objectives
        • Session objectives
        • Short-term objectives
        • Long-term objectives
  • Pokermind guide
  • Knowledge base

We will keep working to improve Pokermind and we invite you to send us questions, suggestions, bugs, and any type of feedback.

Good luck!


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