Coaching for NL cash players
Theory + Mental Game + Performance

Have you done other coachings and you ended up the same?

Are you looking for a coaching that has a real impact on your game?

Do you want to become the best poker player you can be?

Are you tired of your current situation?

Do you want to turn your life 180º?

Are you willing to take massive action?


I have been playing poker professionally for more than 10 years and I know what it takes to be one.

I will work with you for 12 weeks and make you a real professional.

I will change the way you play, study and live poker.


This is not going to be just another money-grabbing coaching.

This is a complete experience designed to change your game completely and put you on the path to poker success.

An exceptionally unique coaching tailored to you

Poker Coaching

The most important thing for me is to teach you how to think and give you the tools so you can study on your own and be self-reliant.

My knowledge is very theory-based and I will give you a solid foundation for your game.

Theory lessons * session reviews * hand history reviews * exercises * articles

Mental Game Coaching

We will work on your mindset, your goals and plans for the future, your fears, your decision-making, your tilt, your values, your commitment, how to improve, warming up, reviewing, etc.

From player to player, no bullshit.

The goal is to give you the keys to perform at your best level consistently, no matter what happens.

Performance Coaching

You are a professional poker player 24h a day and everything that you do has an impact on your poker performance.

We will work together on the areas that you want to improve: sleep, fitness, nutrition, work space, daily schedule, productivity, meditation, etc.

Any improvement in these areas will give you an edge and will increase the quality of your life. Win Win.

What does it include?

12-week Program


  • 3h every week (36h of coaching)
  • Database review
  • Daily availability (skype and whatsapp)
  • 1-year subscription to Pokermind
  • Coaching recordings
  • Theory articles, preflop ranges, excel sheets and hud


Who is this for?

No limit cash players.

This is for committed ones. For those motivated to improve and that are willing to give their best and study hard. It is also required a good deal of courage to implement the changes I will propose to you.

If you just want to listen to the coachings and don’t do much afterwards, don’t even bother applying. I don’t want to waste your time or money.

How can I make the most of the coaching?

Ask, debate, think, insist, review, do the homework, read, study! The more proactive you are, the more you will gain from this coaching.

How long are the sessions and where?

Each coaching will be about 60 minutes and we will use Skype.

Do I need to have a particular software?

Just your regular tracker, an equity calculator and flopzilla (highly recommended and cheap).

What if I want just a few hours of coaching?

No problem! Write me at
The rate is 150€/h and 100€/h for 5h+ packs.

About me

Gerard, aka Txeremi

  • Professional poker player for over 10 years
  • Fixed limit coach for Pokerstrategy in 2011
  • Pokerstrategy Blackmember
  • Coached by Zeros in 2013, DeluxeSamy and Lithany
  • No limit coach since 2014
  • Success in different metagames: .es, zoom 100-500 .com, multilobby midstakes, recent partypoker, pokermaster
  • Bachelor’s degree in chemistry Universitat de Barcelona
  • Creator of Pokermind
  • Gestalt therapy course for 1 year
  • Passionate about self-development, reading, giving my best, improving every day, crushing life and business. I love challenges that demand the best of me
  • I love teaching and one of my strengths is to collect a lot of knowledge and distil it.

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