Coaching by the hour with Txeremi,
founder of Pokermind

10+ years Poker Pro with millions of hands of experience playing Fixed and NL midstakes

Txeremi has played poker professionally since 2008 and he switched to NL on 2013.

He was a Pokerstrategy coach and a Blackmember and has coached dozens of students in both modalities.

Focused on NL coaching since 2014, he is the perfect coach if you want to develop a deep understanding of the game to exploit regulars and weak players alike and beat the midstakes.

His coaching will teach how to think poker deeply, not charts or fixed thoughts.  It will prepare you to be self-sufficient so you can integrate his teachings and continue to improve after the coaching.

He has received coaching from top spanish professionals like SinKarma (Zeros) and DeluxeSamy, and completed a mental game coaching program by Lithany.

Having been on both sides, coach and student, he has designed a methodology that gives you the best value for your money and he will help you make the most out of the hours you work together.

Coaching Lessons


(100€/h for 5+ hours)

  • Database review + a custom document for you with the conclusions (3 hours)
  • Hand history review. Send 10 hand histories and recieve a deep review and suggestions to improve your leaks. (10 hands/hour)
  • Session review. Record yourself playing for 30 minutes and receive a video review. (1 hour)
  • Theory Lessons. Of any subject you want or a leak that we discovered through talking or reviews. They include articles and exercises to reinforce your learning. (per hour)
  • Exploit your opponents. We analyze the average regular of your level and design strategies to exploit them. (per hour)
  • Mental game, performance and productivity training. If you think you have a weakness in these areas, we can work on them together. (per hour)


1st Lesson 50% OFF! Get to know Txeremi and decide


Who is this for?

No limit cash players.

This is for committed ones. For those motivated to improve and that are willing to give their best and study hard.

If you just want to listen to the coachings and don’t do much afterwards, don’t even bother applying. I don’t want to waste your time or money.

How can I make the most of the coaching?

Ask, debate, think, insist, review, do the homework, read, study! The more proactive you are, the more you will gain from this coaching.

How long are the sessions and where?

Each coaching will be about 60 minutes and we will use Skype.

Do I need to have a particular software?

Just your regular tracker, an equity calculator and flopzilla (highly recommended and cheap).

About me

Gerard, aka Txeremi

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