What is Pokermind?

Pokermind is the first mental game manager.

It's a tool to help you implement routines to take control of your performance, improve your mental game and guarantee that you play at your highest level, consistently.

It has three main sections: the Warmup, the Cooldown and the Mental Game statistics.

Available for Windows.

The day you stop learning and wanting/trying to be better is the day mediocrity becomes your goal.


01. Warmup

Pokermind helps you prepare before each session so you can play your A-game consistently.

The Warmup is made up of a set of highly customizable slides so you can make it yours. You can also activate/deactivate certain sections of the Warmup to adapt it even more to your taste.

It is a fully interactive process.


02. Cooldown

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.” – some famous guy

Review your session by answering the right questions in the Cooldown and discover your leaks and new ways to improve.

You can apply what you learn to optimize your Warmup and create a self-reinforcing routine to be better and play better every day.


03. Mental Game Stats

Pokermind stores the data collected in the routines and creates mental game stats that no other program offers.

These stats allow you to gain new views about your game and give you ideas about what you should improve.

They will help you shift your focus away from your results and bring it to your performance.

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