About Pokermind

What exactly is Pokermind?

Pokermind is the first mental game manager.

It’s a webapp created for professional poker players and it has been designed to help them develop routines that allow them to perform at their highest level every day and to help them study and improve their mental game.

What does it have?

Pokermind has three main elements: the warmup, the cooldown and the mental game statistics.

The warmup and cooldown are the routines to follow before and after the sessions, respectively, created to improve your performance at the tables and review the sessions.

With these routines the users generates data that is used to create the mental game statistics.

Why should I use Pokermind?

Poker has become tougher over the years. Nowadays any edge you can gain is very important for your bottom line.

Improving your mental game and establishing routines that improve your performance should be mandatory for anyone that is or wants to become a professional poker player. If you want to be a professional you should act like one.

With Pokermind you will:

  • Play better consistently
  • Improve your mental game
  • Review your sessions and learn your most important things to improve
  • Set up and review goals
  • Focus on your performance and not on your results
  • Play happier
  • Win more

Who is Pokermind for?

Pokermind is for any player that wants to take poker seriously, that wants to take care of his performance and his mental game and that wants to give his best to improve and make the most out of this career.

Is Pokermind like a mental game coach?

No, Pokermind is a tool that can complement the work of a mental game coach. A coach guides you through the process of discovery of your internal world but does not help you to follow through afterwards.

Pokermind helps you take action to improve and learn every day. It can give you insights into the things you need to work on and your patterns with the mental game statistics.


What is the Warmup?

The Warmup is the routine to do just before playing poker.

Its goal is to prepare yourself mentally to play at your highest level and to study your leaks so you can keep improving.

Think about an athlete. Before a competition trains, prepares mentally, warms up the body. The athlete does anything to perform at 100%.

Playing poker is like competing every day and warming up should be an essential part of each session.

What is on the Warmup?

The Warmup is divided into three sections.

In the first one, called “Self-Awareness”, the player gains conscience about his state before the session so he can modulate it and prepare to perform.

In the second one, called “Areas for improvement”, the player studies the weak spots in his mental and technical game to improve a little bit every day and review the most important things just before playing.

In the last one, called “Get Ready” he gets ready to start the session at 100% with visualization techniques and inspiration screens.

What is the Cooldown?

The Cooldown is the routine post-session.

Its goal is to review the session, reflect on your performance and mistakes, learn what you can do better, and give closure to the session.

What is on the Cooldown?

It’s divided in three sections.

In the first one the player reviews the session: his game level, tilt, mistakes, emotions, successes, things to improve,…

In the second one other elements are reviewed. Parameters not related to the session that can affect you anyways.

In the last one the objectives are reviewed and the session is finished with a little daily journal.

What are the default warmup and cooldown templates?

The predefined presentations are a Warmup and a Cooldown templates that come with Pokermind by default.

They are a way to showcase the possibilities of Pokermind and a template from which you can create your own presentations and avoid starting from scratch.

The contents are written by the creator of Pokermind, a professional poker player with over 10 years of experience.

What can I personalize of my presentations?


  • Create all the content of the second section, “Areas for improvement”.
  • Enable/disable every screen of the second and third sections to adapt the Warmup to your taste.
  • You can personalize the Inspiration screen, uploading your content in text/video/image.


  • In the first section, you are asked multiple answer questions. These answers can be edited and/or you can add new ones.
  • In the second question, you can add new performance variables or edit the existing ones.

Why is personalization important?

By personalizing the Warmup you adapt it to your taste. You can disable the screens you don’t like, erase the sentences that don’t resonate with you, choose the content that is the most important to you and evolve the presentation over time.

This will increase its efficiency and adapt its length to your taste.

Furthermore, if you create a Warmup you like, and not just follow the predefined presentation, it will feel less of a burden and easier to stick to it. Taking actin will be easier.

What are the mental game statistics?

They are statistics generated from the data collected of the Warmups and the Cooldowns that you complete.

Their main use is to detect leaks and observe your performance over time with data and graphs. This way you can measure your performance and center your efforts in improving it. In consequence, you will focus less on your results.

What is a visualization?

The visualizations is a part of the Warmup and a training technique.

Visualization is the process of creating a mental image or intention of what you want to happen or feel. With mental rehearsal, minds and bodies become trained to actually perform the skill imagined.

Many elite athletes use visualization techniques as part of training and it’s been proven that is as effective as real training.

What is the timer included with Pokermind?

It’s a timer embedded in the app that appears while you do the Warmup, the Cooldown and while you are playing.
Its main purpose is to control the length of your sessions and help you reach your volume goals.

What is the goal setting tool?

The goal setting tool is a part of the Warmup in which you define specific objectives for the session and time objectives. These goals are reviewed afterwards in the Cooldown.

Setting and measuring your goals is the best way to achieve them.


How much does Pokermind Premium cost?

After the 14-day trial, starts at 15€/month paying on a monthly basis.

We also have a yearly plan for 10€/month.

What features does Pokermind Premium offer?

Create and personalize your warm up and cool down.
Access the mental game statistics.
Access the warm up’s visualization.
Unlock the timer, to gain more control of your time objectives.
Unlock the goal setting tool in the warm up.
Change the style of your presentations.


I don't remember my password.

Go to the Login page and click on “Forgot your password?”.

You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

I haven't received the email to reset my password.

Please check your spam folder. If you can’t find it there, you can request a new one in the Login page.

If you still have problems, you can contact us using the chat that you can find at the bottom right corner.

How can I change my password?

Log in to your account, go to Edit My Account. You can change the password there.

How can I subscribe to Pokermind Premium?

Log in to your account, go to this page. There you can select your plan and proceed to checkout.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, and you can cancel at any time here.

How can I cancel my Premium subscription?

Log in to your account, go to Subscription. You will find the link to cancel your subscription there.

How can I change my account details?

Log in to your account, go to Edit Account. There you can edit your account details.


Which payment methods do you accept?

For now, credit card only.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, a 14-day trial. It can only be used once.

What are the conditions on the free trial?

You won’t be charged until the trial finishes.

You can cancel any time.

Credit card required.

I don't have Pokermind Premium after making the payment.

Please make sure you have completed the payment. Try logging out and logging in and refreshing the page.

If you still have problems, please contact us using the chat that you can find at the bottom right corner.

I cancelled my subscription but I was billed anyways.

Please make sure you canceled your subscription before the expiry date.

If you did, please contact us using the chat that you can find at the bottom right corner.

My credit card has been declined.

Please make sure your credit card details are correct.

We use Stripe as a payment gateway. We don’t manage credit card details nor payments.

I want to change my credit card details.

Log in to your account, go to Payment Methods. There you can find the link to update your credit card details.


Are you going to use the content of my personalized presentations?

Pokermind does not have the intent to use the content of its users.

How can I unsubscribe from your emails?

You can find a link to unsubscribe at the bottom of any email you receive from us.


Windows blocks my installation, is it dangerous?

Not at all. What’s being installed is a widely used framework called Electron.js which allows us to turn Pokermind into a native Windows program. No Pokermind code is being installed.

Do I need an internet connection to open Pokermind?

Yes, Pokermind is a cloud based webapp.

Can I access the application through my web broswer?

Yes, if you prefer it you can access it through app.pokermind.co.

How can I keep the app updated?

It will update automatically.

I have found a bug, how can I report it?

Please contact us using the chat that you can find at the bottom right corner.

Contact Support

How can I contact support?

You can contact us using the chat that you can find at the bottom right corner.

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