Start each session at 100% with a highly customizable warmup.


Review your game, mistakes, things to improve and everything you need to keep improving.

Mental Game Stats

Built from the data collected in your Warmups and Cooldowns.

Manage Presentations

Personalize and manage multiple presentations for different situations.


Take control of your sessions with the built-in timer.

Play the best poker of your life with Pokermind

The first Mental Game Manager

It helps you Warmup before each session, review your play afterwards with the Cooldown, and gain insights about your game with mental game statistics that no other program offers.

With Pokermind you will take control of your performance, improve your mental game and play A-game consistently.

No credit card required

“"If you think that mental game is not important, don't worry, we all have said bullshit sometimes. But you should worry about it if you want to achieve anything in life.

I think Pokermind moves in the right direction to help poker players improve and achieve their goals."”

David HuergaProfessional poker player, davidhuerga.com

“"Mental game has not only been the base of my 10+ years career but also of my personal development.

Pokermind is here to professionalize poker and establish a methodology that creates successful poker players."”

Gerard (Txeremi)Professional poker player, Pokermind's founder
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Just by increasing your time playing A-game by 10%.

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