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How much does the subscription cost?

After the 14-day trial, starts at 15€/month paying on a monthly basis.

We also have a yearly plan for 10€/month.

What are the conditions on the 14-day trial?

You won’t be charged until the trial finishes.

You can cancel any time.

Credit card required.

Only one trial per user.

About Pokermind

What exactly is Pokermind?

Pokermind is the first mental game manager.

It’s a webapp created for professional poker players and it has been designed to help them develop routines that allow them to perform at their highest level every day and to help them study and improve their mental game.

Why should I use Pokermind?

Poker has become tougher over the years. Nowadays any edge you can gain is very important for your bottom line. Improving your mental game and establishing routines that improve your performance should be mandatory for anyone that is or wants to become a professional poker player. If you want to be a professional you should act like one.

With Pokermind you will:

  • Play better consistently
  • Improve your mental game
  • Review your sessions and learn your most important things to improve
  • Set up and review goals
  • Focus on your performance and not on your results
  • Play happier
  • Win more

What is the Warmup?

The Warmup is the routine to do just before playing poker.

Its goal is to prepare yourself mentally to play at your highest level.

Think about an athlete. Before a competition trains, prepares mentally, warms up the body. The athlete does anything to perform at 100%. Playing poker is like competing every day and it requires the same level of preparation.

What is the Cooldown?

The Cooldown is the routine post-session.

Its goal is to review the session, reflect on your performance and mistakes, learn what you can do better, and give closure to the session.

What are the mental game statistics?

The mental game statistics are unique statistics generated from the data collected of your Warmups and Cooldows that you complete.

Their main use is to detect leaks and observe your performance over time with data and graphs. This way you can measure your performance and center your efforts in improving it. In consequence, you will focus less on your daily results.

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