Pokermind Premium

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  • Warmups and Cooldowns: the high-performance interactive routines.
  • Ready-to-use Warmup templates.
  • Ability to customize your Warmups and Cooldowns so you can adapt them to your needs.
  • Mental Game Statistics: generated with the answers from your Warmups and Cooldowns.
  • Goal setting tool: set up goals for each sessions during your Warmup and review them during the Cooldown.
  • Visualizations: 6 guided visualizations to help you enter the best mental state.
  • Timer: an embedded timer with an alarm to control the length of your sessions.

Pokermind is the first mental game manager.

It’s a tool designed by and for poker players that will help you take control of your performance and your mental game, which are the only thing you can control.

With Pokermind you will play your best game consistently, play every session focused on your decisions and not on your results, improve your tilt and your mental game and have a clear direction to improve a little bit every day.


Because if you don’t take control of your performance the consequences are obvious and you already know them very well:

  • Tilt easily.
  • Being focused on your results and not on your decisions.
  • Getting frustrated.
  • Having an unstable motivation.
  • Playing unfocused.
  • Not grinding much, depending on your mood, which brings you to fail your goals.
  • Starting your sessions out of your game.
  • Lots of sessions when you play bad and don’t know even why.

These factors are just adding more variance to the game, which already has enough, hasn’t it?

Your winrate, your satisfaction and your happiness suffer because of them.

With Pokermind you will get ready before each session and bring your A-game to the tables every day, and you will review your sessions to learn about yourself and your tilt to improve every day.