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Your attention should be centered on your performance and commitment and in playing every hand at your highest level.

Stop looking at your results and use the mental game statistics to only focus on the things that you control.


The calendar offers you a general view of your performance.

Click on a specific day to visit the summary of those sessions.

Mental Game Statistics

A full set of mental game statistics.


  • Your average mental, physical and emotional states.
  • Your overall stats and winrate.
  • Your A-game graph.
  • Your winrate in each game level.
  • The % of the time you spend on A-game.
  • The reasons why you quit your sessions by %.
  • The report of your most common answers in each of the cooldown’s questions.
  • The % of objectives you set and achieve.
  • The tracking of your performance variables.
  • Many more to come!
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