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Very recommended

I am going to use this app until the day I quit poker. I totally recommend it. It is helping me a lot to progress 🙂


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Daily tool

For me, Pokermind is a very useful tool and a cheap one. It helps me remember what I’m working on. And after the session review everything that happened. The most powerful thing for me is the Warmup, in just 10 minutes I am able to start my sessions much more concentrated and less prone to make mistakes.

Santiago (Santy_om92)



Pokermind is a different kind of thing, it helps you have balance in your daily routine and also helps you become a better player. I recommend it to any poker player.



Max focus

I have been using Pokermind for three weeks every day and my focus and winrate have improved.

Pokermind won’t win for you, but it helps you focus your mind in the things that are important. A great discovery for my game.


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An obligation

Mental game is the big overlooked part of this game. Pokermind is the necessary program that you need to stop throwing away your session because of your tilt. If you play, you have to use Pokermind.


midstakes cash

Excellent tool

Pokermind has become indispensable before and after my sessions. It helps me start focused, motivated, and remembering the important things, putting my attention where it has to be: what I can control. It’s +EV. The cost of the tool is recovered in one session, and, on top of that, Gerard is attentive, you can’t have any doubts left. Try it. Highly recommended.

Gonzalo Albar Diaz

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Extremely powerful

We all know that mindset is important, but most players don’t take care of theirs. With this app you have no excuses left.

With a simple warmup and cool down, I am training my mindset every day to achieve nothing but happiness while playing this game, which can be so tough sometimes. Totally recommended. Very rounded and easy to use.


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How to play focused

It has been very useful for me to separate work and life. Helps me enter a better emotional state to play and perform better at the tables.


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Good tool for your routine

For me personally Pokermind is a very good tool. It really helps you to have a good routine every day before and after you play. Since I used it, I always do the warm-up and the cool-down. Especially the cool-down I missed earlier when I had a very bad session. But that’s exactly when you should evaluate your game. I would recommend Pokermind for any player. Doesn’t matter if you are a cash game or mtt reg.

Jaime (dinamita28)

midstakes cash

100% recommended

I recommend Pokermind to any player who wants to take care of every aspect of this game and, especially, their mental game. It is helping me a ton.