Adrian Aguado

midstakes Spins

A big help in every way

My opinion is that this is a very powerful tool. It’s an amazing app and the support is exceptional. 100% recommended.

Santiago (Santace)

Mid/High stakes spin and go

The easy way to manage your mindset

Pokermind helps me keep a registry of every session I play in great detail, so I am learning for the first time which factors are helping me or not to get in the zone and play optimally. I can’t recommend it enough.


midstakes cash

Awesome support!

I have been using it for several months and I highly recommend it to any poker player who wants to improve. And the technical support is awesome!


Midstakes spin


It seems to me Pokermind is necessary for any poker player. The truth is that it has helped me to play each session more focused. Since I started using it my winrate has improved. I recommend it completely.




A very important tool for online poker players. It doesn’t matter the stake you are playing, because this is just adding to your game and it’s a great help in both the good and bad moments. Thanks a lot Gerard for creating this app.

Daniel Prieto (DanPrii)

Lowstakes cash

A tool ahead of its time

Pokermind has helped me become a more serious and disciplined player. It has shown me the importance of mental game in a practical way. I have noticed a huge change in how I approach the sessions thanks to its guided visualizations. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the quality of his game.


NL midstakes

An obligation

Mental game is the big overlooked part of this game. Pokermind is the necessary program that you need to stop throwing away your session because of your tilt. If you play, you have to use Pokermind.

Fran Martin


I think this is a tool that any serious poker player needs to be using.

It gives you a way to create these very helpful routines, the warm up and the cool down. With them, I start every session focused and ready and I’m able to disconnect from poker once I’ve finished playing.



More important than what you think

This app is now the key to my best game. I used to look for ways to improve my mental game and didn’t find any until now. This is the best way to improve my mindset in a practical way and meditate, and accept that I won’t always win, and understand this game more deeply. It has also helped me improve my tendencies to complain when I run bad or get bat beated. The game is full of shitty spots, but understanding them better and being more aware of myself helps me a lot and it’s part of this app.

This app is an investment for my mental game and it pays itself off several times over. Thanks a lot for creating it.


spins midstakes


This is such a basic thing that we forget about it and Pokermind makes it extremely easy for you to develop your best game every day.