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Pokermind = EV+, simply put. It helps you track your game and improve your habits. It is helping me improve my mental game because, when I spend a lot of time studying the technical side of the game, I forget about it and it’s also a part that can give you A LOT of winrate. Also, it’s essential if you want to move up stakes.



More important than what you think

This app is now the key to my best game. I used to look for ways to improve my mental game and didn’t find any until now. This is the best way to improve my mindset in a practical way and meditate, and accept that I won’t always win, and understand this game more deeply. It has also helped me improve my tendencies to complain when I run bad or get bat beated. The game is full of shitty spots, but understanding them better and being more aware of myself helps me a lot and it’s part of this app.

This app is an investment for my mental game and it pays itself off several times over. Thanks a lot for creating it.


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How to play focused

It has been very useful for me to separate work and life. Helps me enter a better emotional state to play and perform better at the tables.



Pretty good!

For now it’s great, it helps me structure my session and have some place where I take note of everything I do before and after the session. It has also awaken my interest into psychology.


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Super useful

Pokermind is super useful for me. It helps me create the habits and routines that help me maintain my motivation and help me guide my efforts in the right direction so I can improve as a poker player.


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Highly recommended

Very happy with Pokermind. Very customizable and recommendable.


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Very recommended

I am going to use this app until the day I quit poker. I totally recommend it. It is helping me a lot to progress 🙂



Max focus

I have been using Pokermind for three weeks every day and my focus and winrate have improved.

Pokermind won’t win for you, but it helps you focus your mind in the things that are important. A great discovery for my game.

Daniel (Xiic37)

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It’s essential

I think this tool is essential for any poker player. I have been using it for a few months and the change is drastic. It helps me enter the correct mental state to play my A-game and be much more productive at the tables.


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Awesome support!

I have been using it for several months and I highly recommend it to any poker player who wants to improve. And the technical support is awesome!