Ariel RM

low stakes cash


It is an amazing tool. I never experienced playing so regularly in such a comfortable mental state, and respecting my schedule. As useful as simple to apply and adopt in my daily routine.


25s-50s spin&go

Basic and necessary

If you haven’t tried Pokermind yet, please do it. It’s a basic pillar for my game. I totally recommend it.




A very important tool for online poker players. It doesn’t matter the stake you are playing, because this is just adding to your game and it’s a great help in both the good and bad moments. Thanks a lot Gerard for creating this app.


spins 10s y 25s

Very useful

I have always had problems with my mental game but since I started using Pokermind it has been way easier to play more and tilt less. I tend to be skeptical about these things but this is surely +EV.

Jaime (dinamita28)

midstakes cash

100% recommended

I recommend Pokermind to any player who wants to take care of every aspect of this game and, especially, their mental game. It is helping me a ton.

Gonzalo Albar Diaz

Spins $60

Extremely powerful

We all know that mindset is important, but most players don’t take care of theirs. With this app you have no excuses left.

With a simple warmup and cool down, I am training my mindset every day to achieve nothing but happiness while playing this game, which can be so tough sometimes. Totally recommended. Very rounded and easy to use.

Jorge Coello

mid to high stakes cash

Wake up!

The Warmup helps me wake up that voice in my head that screams: C’mon! Nobody said this was easy but you are here because you have decided to, get it together! And the Cooldown is like the shower after a match, it helps you unload everything and get back to your life as if nothing happened. Too good.


cash player NL100/200

Super useful

Pokermind is super useful for me. It helps me create the habits and routines that help me maintain my motivation and help me guide my efforts in the right direction so I can improve as a poker player.


lowstakes spins

Daily tool

For me, Pokermind is a very useful tool and a cheap one. It helps me remember what I’m working on. And after the session review everything that happened. The most powerful thing for me is the Warmup, in just 10 minutes I am able to start my sessions much more concentrated and less prone to make mistakes.

Xavier Cortazar

Midstakes cash

Best discovery of the year

It’s been one of the best discoveries I’ve made this year. Before knowing the app I was constantly complaining and unfocused. Nowadays I find it essential in my day to day. I definitely recommend it to any professional player.