Start each session at 100% with a highly customizable warmup.


Review your game, mistakes, things to improve and everything you need to keep improving.

Mental Game Stats

Built from the data collected in your Warmups and Cooldowns.

Manage Presentations

Personalize and manage multiple presentations for different situations.


Take control of your sessions with the built-in timer.

Using Pokermind 15 minutes a day can increase your winnings by 25%+

The first Mental Game Manager for poker players

With Pokermind you will incorporate routines that will help you take control of your performance, improve your mental game and play your best game every day.

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midstakes cash

Awesome support!

I have been using it for several months and I highly recommend it to any poker player who wants to improve. And the technical support is awesome!

Xavier Cortazar

Midstakes cash

Best discovery of the year

It’s been one of the best discoveries I’ve made this year. Before knowing the app I was constantly complaining and unfocused. Nowadays I find it essential in my day to day. I definitely recommend it to any professional player.

Carlos Sanz

small stakes cash

100% recommended

Ever player should have Pokermind, it helps you transition from your daily life to the tables. It helps you remember what you can control and forget what you can’t. 100% recommended.

David Huerga

Highstakes live

Must have tool

If you think that mental game is not important, don’t worry, we all say nonsense sometimes. But if you want to achieve something as a player, you should start worrying about it.

Jorge Coello

mid to high stakes cash

Wake up!

The Warmup helps me wake up that voice in my head that screams: C’mon! Nobody said this was easy but you are here because you have decided to, get it together! And the Cooldown is like the shower after a match, it helps you unload everything and get back to your life as if nothing happened. Too good.

With Pokermind, say goodbye to tilt, frustration, lack of motivation, laziness,...

Improving your mental game and performance didn't use to be this easy.

Luckily, you found Pokermind. Now you have the tool to take responsibility of your game and achieve all your objectives.

Pokermind makes playing A-game easy.

Warmup before each session and play A-game consistently

If you prepared every single day, how much better would you play?

Use and customize our Warmups to start every session at 100%, improve your mental game, motivate yourself and set objectives that get you closer to your goals.

It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.

Review your game to improve every day

Review your game just after the session with the Cooldown.

Learn about your tilt, your mistakes, your patterns and your successes. Analyze your performance and review your objectives. This way you will improve a little bit every day.

The best competition you have is against yourself to become better.

Focus on what matters with the Mental Game Statistics

Pokermind’s mental game statistics, generated from your routines, allow you to focus on the things that are under your control and not on your results. Observe your performance and learn about your game with data.

How you play the game counts for everything. Winning or losing is a by-product, and aftereffect, of that effort.

Improve your mental game and fight against tilt

Pokermind helps you change your false beliefs so you can gain a deeper knowledge about the game and about yourself by daily repetition of the new concepts that you want to internalize.

Imagine your game without tilt.

Tilting less is easy with Pokermind.

Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.

How far could you get without tilt?

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More benefits of using Pokermind

Start at 100%

Start every session focused and playing at your best level.

Get Motivated

Remember and strengthen the reasons that motivate you to play poker.

Achieve your objectives

Set objectives, remember them every day and go after them.

Feel better

Improve your relationship with poker by deeply understanding it.

Play better for longer

Maintain your best level for longer and stay tilt-proof.

Separate life/poker

Prevent them from affecting each other by creating clear separation.

Gain Perspective

Become more grateful and aware of your life and your chance to be a player.

Learn about yourself

Expand the knowledge about yourself and your leaks by practicing self-awareness daily.